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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pray for Families (Unanticipated Joy)

Greetings Prayer Warriors!

Sometimes I wonder what "family" will look like in the next century. Will there still be kids? Pregnancy is often looked at as a disease that you need to prevent or get rid of.

While on a flight to Chicago today, I met a lovely young women who was sharing her life plans with me. She was married, employed as a middle manager, and looking into MBA programs. After completion of her MBA she would have kids. “Maybe. Maybe just one. My husband really is the one who wants kids,” she explained. “I’m kinda selfish.” Always the voice of reason, I said, “Kids cure that! You know, there never will be a perfect time to have kids. You'll get the MBA and want to delay kids until you find that great new job. Then you won't want to have kids until you've proven your worth in that new position. And the cycle will continue. That's because the timing is never ‘perfect’ to have kids."

Be fertile and multiply and fill the earth. Genesis 9:1

So how does one explain the joy of parenthood to young couples? Not verbally gifted, I thought perhaps it could be explained in a poem. Here’s my attempt!


So afraid of what I'd lose, not thinking what I'd gain
The thought of children frightened me, the raising, not the pain.
I like my freedom, toys, and cash, and sleeping in too late.
I'd lose all this, become a bore, if kids became my fate!
But when I finally took the leap, my heart did then take flight
Each child became my constant joy and certainly not my plight!
The lessons learned were not just theirs, my selfishness abated.
My heart enlarged, my patience grew, parenthood was underrated!
And like the joy of His great light, filtering deep into my soul,
I stopped and thought just to myself, now why weren't kids my goal?

Please pray that couples say yes to the gift of life. Then pray for all families, that each family member grows in patience, love, and self-giving. May they become beautiful examples of the Lord’s handiwork.

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Share the unanticipated joy of parenthood. Pass it on.