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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pray for Families (The 3 Intimacies of Love)

Happy Friday dear prayer warriors!

I read the following passage this morning and wanted to share it with you. It is comes from Fulton J. Sheen in The Eternal Galilean,

“Love has three and only three intimacies: speech, vision, and touch. These three intimacies God has chosen to make intelligible to our poor hearts. God has spoken: He told us that he loves us: That is Revelation. God has been seen: That is the Incarnation. God has touched us by His grace: That is Redemption. Well indeed therefore He may say: “What more could I do for my vineyard than I have done? What other proof could I give of my love than to exhaust myself in the intimacies of love? What else could I do to show that my own Sacred Heart is not less generous than your own?”

ACTION: As we pray today for the protection and strenthening of families, let us also share the 3 intimacies of love with our own family. Tell each member of your family what you love about them and that you love them. Thus, repay God's love with love, the ultimate prayer. See Christ's reflection in each one of them as a testament to your faith. Give them a warm embrace to show real communion. We can begin to build community by starting at home.

Have a blessed weekend.

Peace, Joy, and Love,