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Friday, July 6, 2012

Pray for Families (Personalized Prayer)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

With summer in full swing and vacations on the calendar, we now have the opportunity to spend quality time with our families.   Vacations allow us to leave our everyday stresses behind and bring our best selves forward into communion with each family member.  With each day off, take the time to get to know your children, siblings, and parents at a deeper level.  Actively engage in listening.  Find out something new about each of them.  May the loving behavior you exhibit, awaken them to the love of Christ.   

A cheerful glance brings joy to the heart; good news invigorates the bones.  Proverbs 15:30

Continue to keep your family in prayer.   Take all that you have learned about them and say a personalized prayer of both petition and thanksgiving for each one of them.

I pray that you experience enduring peace, that your joy continues to multiply, and that you experience His tender love.

May Peace, Joy, and Love reign!

Introduce a friend to Peace, Joy, and Love.  Pass it on.