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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pray for Families (Heavenly Intercessors)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

Today I was wearing a black and white bracelet that had pictures of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.   A receptionist asked me if they were pictures of my family.  "Yes, my spiritual family," I replied, adding,  “My advisory board."

It made me realize how lucky we are to have heavenly prayer warriors who join us in our prayers of ascent. How sweet and pleasing our harmonies must be to the Lord!!

Bless the LORD, all you his angels, mighty in strength, acting at his behest, obedient to his command.  Bless the LORD, all you his hosts, his ministers who carry out his will. Bless the LORD, all his creatures, everywhere in his domain. Bless the LORD, my soul!  Psalms 103:20-22

Today as you pray for family, petition a different saint on behalf of each loved one, that they join you in your continuous intercessory prayers.

Some say it takes a village, but perhaps it takes all of heaven and earth united as a community in prayer to bring about the most pleasing results.

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Invite someone to join our heavenly community of prayer.  Pass it on!