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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pray for Families (Fast!)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

Lent has begun and for many of us, we tentatively enter the desert. Do we really want to venture there?” we silently ask ourselves.  Lent is a time to draw closer to God by emptying ourselves of the superfluous, picking up our cross, and walking with Him. With each passing day in the desert, we are able to more fully recognize our dependence on God.   We begin to hunger and thirst for Him, our true sustenance.

Some of our deepest yearnings though are not just that we open ourselves up to God's grace, but that our family members do too. Just as Jesus fasted for 40 days to strengthen Himself against temptations and to submit himself fully to the will of the Father so that He would be able to offer the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of humanity, likewise, our prayers and fasting when offered for our family, will be efficacious too.

Yet I, when they were ill, put on sackcloth, afflicted myself with fasting, sobbed my prayers upon my bosom. I went about in grief as for my brother, bent in mourning as for my mother. Psalm 35:13-14

Pray and fast for your family.  It may just change your life.

Peace, Joy, and Love

Don’t delay, as it’s time for a little personal spring-cleaning.  Unclutter your soul with prayer and fasting.  His light will then shine through you, and you will be His witness for your entire family. Pass it on!