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Monday, June 26, 2017

Pray for Marriages (Plank-filled Eyes)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

“Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.  Matthew 7:1-2

“Not judging,” does not mean tolerating and accepting bad behavior. We were given an intellect to use for a reason. However the next passages seem to illuminate this further.

Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove that splinter from your eye,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5

How easy it is to look at the other’s faults, particularly one’s spouse.  No wonder so many marriages are splintered! We are challenged however, to hold up a mirror to ourselves first.  Not a rose colored mirror in soft light.  Hold that mirror in the harshest of light!  Own your own imperfections (to your spouse) before speaking of theirs!  Together, make commitments for positive change.  However, even if the desire for change is one-sided, witnessing love in adversity is very powerful because such love emanates from Christ.

Lord, help us not to focus on our spouse’s faults, but instead on our ability to love despite them.  May we never tolerate or accept bad behavior, but rather love the person as you would, but challenge them to amend their ways. Tweeze out our imperfections and restore our sight! Help us grow in virtue and love, that we may one day become a perfect reflection of You. You converted the greatest of sinners, so our hope remains!  Amen.

All change begins with prayer. Continue to support marriages with yours!

Peace, Joy, and Love,

I'll keep on saying, keep on praying! Pass it on!