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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pray for Marriages (Overcoming Adversity)

Greetings Prayer Warriors

Adversity is often the first stepping-stone on the path to finding God.  Through adversity, our relationship with God strengthens and our burden lightens because we realize we no longer walk alone.

I stretch out my hands toward you, my soul to you like a parched land. Hasten to answer me, LORD; for my spirit fails me.  Do not hide your face from me, lest I become like those descending to the pit.  In the morning let me hear of your mercy, for in you I trust. Show me the path I should walk, for I entrust my life to you. Psalm 143:6-8

Pray for all marriages facing adversity, that they find Jesus along the path, and are comforted and strengthened and renewed in hope through Him.

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Help a friend overcome adversity.  Pray for them.  Then pass this on.