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Friday, March 21, 2014

Pray for Families (Letting go of Control)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

We as human beings always seem to want to be in control of our lives.  It seems like part of being human, right?  But if we claim a heavenly creator and identify ourselves as children of God, ask yourself, is it ever good for children to be in control?  At what point do we let go of our will and then trust and cooperate with the will of the Master?

Pondering the battle of the wills, the parable of the talents* kept coming to me. That parable is the story of the man who entrusted his possessions to his servants while he was away.  He entrusted them with a number of talents according to their abilities.  When he returned, he assessed what they did with those talents.  Two servants doubled the number of talents they were given; while one buried his talent and returned only what he was given. 

Then it hit me.  What if we substituted the word children for “talents”, the word “Lord” for Master, and ourselves as the “servants”.    While we think children are “ours”, they truly are our Master’s.  We are only the stewards of this wonderful gift during our earthly life.  To some He gives many children, and if the couple is open to life and trusts in their Master, they may receive many.  When tended to with patience and love, and with copious grace from above, these children will bear fruit for His kingdom, substantially increasing the value of His original gift.    To others, He gives only one or two children, according to their abilities, and with parental patience and love, and abundant grace from above, these too will bear fruit for His kingdom.  And to others He gives children, but due to abortion or contraception the couple refuses the gift and buries it, sending it back to God.  In essence, much like a child claiming that they control their lives.

I share this insight, only because Lent is a time of introspection, repentance, and forgiveness.  We are blessed with a very merciful and loving Lord.  Spend some quiet time in prayer asking for the light to see the times in your life where you tried to wrestle control from God.  Pray also for your family.  Seek forgiveness of your sins, the sins of your family, and generational sin. 

He shall pray and God will favor him; he shall see God’s face with rejoicing; for he restores a person’s righteousness. He shall sing before all and say, “I sinned and did wrong, yet I was not punished accordingly. He delivered me from passing to the pit, and my life sees light.” See, all these things God does, two, even three times, for a man, bringing back his soul from the pit to the light, in the light of the living.  Job 33:26-30

Then, on the day our Master returns, you will hear Him say,

Well done, my good and faithful servant…..Come, share your master’s joy. Matthew 25:21

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Lead someone into the light of repentance and forgiveness.  Pass it on.    

*Matthew 25:14-30