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Monday, December 5, 2016

Pray for Marriages (Bless our Role Model)

 Greetings Prayer Warriors,

What a gift role models are in our lives.  I am most inspired by those couples that have surfed the waves of marriage and have learned that large waves although scary and difficult to ride, will eventually bring you back to the sandy shores.  Exhilaration and newly found confidence comes from conquering them!  

This week I would like to pray for those couples who have been married for decades, that they continue to inspire us by their steadfastness and teach us about love, faithfulness, and trust in God’s plan.

Caught off guard, the waves they rose,
I wanted to run free, but then I froze.
Is my faith like Peter, who soon would sink?
To ride a wave, I’d be crushed in a blink!
But Jesus assured me as He reached out his hand,
Stay close to me and you’ll always find land.  –JFL

More powerful than the roar of many waters, more powerful than the breakers of the sea, powerful in the heavens is the LORD.  Psalm 93:4

He hushed the storm to silence; the waves of the sea were stilled. They rejoiced that the sea grew calm, that God brought them to the harbor they longed for. Let them thank the LORD for his mercy. Psalm 107:29-31

Lord, thank you for the witness of all those couples who show us the fruit of faithfulness in marriage.  Protect and bless their unions, for even their silent witness strikes awe in us.  May we each be blessed to have at least one couple like this in our lives.  If they happen to be our parents or grandparents, then we are twice blessed!  Lord, calm the storms in our marriages, and until then, teach us to surf!  Increase our faith and trust in You!

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Encourage a married couple overwhelmed by the crashing waves. Pass it on!