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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pray for Families (Luminosity)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

Today’s culture seems hyper-fed on visual media versus the written or auditory word. (Music excepted) If visual intake were caloric and what we read and hear fat burning, obesity would skyrocket in our culture.  I bring this up because we are used to teaching our children by talking to them and all they process is that we are talking at them.  You may give them good books to read, but unless they are for a school assignment, they may as well be dust collectors. 

Be assured though, even though they feign disinterest, your children (and everyone else) watch whatever you do.   Ask yourself, when someone quietly observes me, do they see Christ?  Imagine you are the billboard, you are the YouTube video, you are the RSS feed, you are the sit-com, or perhaps the evening drama.  Would you give yourself a “G” rating?  Is the take-away message life-affirming?  Do your actions reflect the Gospel messages and love of Christ?

He must increase, I must decrease.  John 3:30

Lord, help us empty ourselves of all that is not You.  May this continuous action be our ongoing prayer for families.  Lord, make haste to help us, that we may allow Your luminosity to shine brightly through us!

This is the will of God, your holiness.  1 Thessalonians 4:3

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Increase His luminosity in the life of others.  Pass it on! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pray for Marriages (Fruit of the Spirit)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control.  Galations 5: 22-23

Come Holy Spirit!
When animosity takes over our hearts, drown us in your love and fill us with kindness.
Come Holy Spriit!
When we feel like lashing out with daggers of the tongue, quiet our voice and give us self-control.
Come Holy Spriit!
When resentment builds and feelings of self-righteousness abound, may we be humbled by your cross and made gentle as a lamb.
Come Holy Spriit!
May we not withhold our love, but instead be generous with it!
Come Holy Spriit!

Continue to pray, especially for those marriages most in need.

Peace, Love, and Joy,

Share the fruits.  Pass it on!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pray for Families (Finding Love)

Greetings Prayer Warriors.

What I love about families is that they guide us in our ways (and sometimes put us in our place), usually always (sometimes painfully) tell us the truth, and they enrich our lives by their caring, support, and love.

But sometimes we become misguided, lose our way, and question the truth.  We crave true love, but often look for a more worldly love.  We mute out family voices.

“I am the way and the truth and the life.” John 16:4

When we lose our footing, feel unlovable, and desire the truth, there is only one sure way to turn. Seek the Lord in prayer, and He will show you the way.  Open yourself to Him and He will tell you the truth.  Surrender to His will, and your life will be forever changed.

In prayer we ask:

Make known to me your ways, LORD; teach me your paths! Psalm 25:4

Conversely, perhaps you are the unwilling witness of a family member or friend who thinks they are on a great path, living the good life, and loving their very own self-defined (self-destructive) truth.  

For family we simply pray:

Make known to them your ways, Lord, show them your paths!!

Some say, “love is the answer.  I say prayer is the answer, in that through prayer, all will come to know Love.   And when you share this Love, more will come to pray.

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Encourage others to pray. Simply pass it on!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pray for Marriages (And Fast!)

Greetings Prayer Warriors,

Knowing my passion for the strengthening and building up of marriage and family, a friend recently let me know about a national call for weekly prayer and fasting that just began this past Friday for the protection of life, marriage, and religious liberty and continues on until November 23, the feast of Christ the King.  For more on this, visit Pray and Fast.  

This got me thinking.  : )  Since we’ve already been praying for Marriages on Mondays and Families on Fridays, would you consider occasionally fasting for marriage and family too?  Fasting can be a beautiful prayer of sacrifice and penance, as we unite ourselves to Christ’s redemptive work.  Pray about ways you can fast as you pray today for marriages. 

I turned to the Lord God, to seek help, in prayer and petition, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.  I prayed to the LORD, my God, and confessed, “Ah, Lord, great and awesome God, you who keep your covenant and show mercy toward those who love you and keep your commandments and your precepts!  Daniel 9:3-4

Kind and Loving Father, hear our petitions for struggling marriages, for we know you make all things new again!  With compassion, act upon the prayers of your children and weave together marriages that are broken and torn, for we love your handiwork!  All praise and glory be Yours!

Peace, Joy, and Love,

Nothing is impossible for God.  Pass it on!